History of Bodrum Region

"The Statue of Maussollos"

Horizon Sky Location

The Horizon Sky Resort  is located in the historically rich region of Bodrum, in the bay of Gulluk. This region is well known as  ‘Iasos’ and its history dates back to 3000BC. The city of Iasos was once situated on an island, but now forms part of the mainland, creating a peninsula. Once an area of quiet fishing villages, this area now carries a great deal of importance in terms of culture and history, which has contributed vastly to the increase of interest and tourism. Although, the quintessential charm of small harbour and fishing villages such as Gulluk, has not been lost and consumed by overdevelopment.

Bodrum Town

The ancient city of Bodrum is said to be founded by Dorian settlers in Greece from around 1000BC. Since then the area has had a tempestuous period of change and different rulers. The city was captured by the Lydians in the first half of the 6th century BC and in 546 BC the Persians took  control for 140 years. Satrapy of Saird then ruled before the Persians retook control of the Carian region. In 377 BC Mausolos, the most famous of the Carian satrapie, seized control of the region. He was influential in the construction and development of many cities and moved his capital from Milas to Halikarnassos. Mausolos enlarged his new capital by bringing in people from other cities in the region and constructing new walls, palaces, theatres and temples.

Halikarnassos was then conquered by Alexander the Great in 334BC and in 192BC it became a Roman colony. Halicarnassos then fell to the Seljuk Turks in 1071 AD, and with the permission of Sultan Celebi Mehmet the Knights of Rhodes were able to construct Bodrum Castle – the Castle of St. Peter. The castle, with its English, French and German towers is today the symbol of the town.

The city came under Ottoman rule in 1522 AD Suleyman the Magnificent captured Rhodes and forced the knights to move to Malta. in 1522 AD,  Ottoman rule took over. This was known as ‘Petrion’ after the Castle of St. Peter, and this became in Turkish ‘Bodrum’, the name by which the town is known today.

With its colourful history and monuments attesting to such, Bodrum  exerts a lasting fascination on its multitude of visitors year on year, irrespective of age or nationality. There is so much that this region offers and is more than suitable for an interesting getaway, whether you are after culturally rich tours, busy nights out in Bodrum, a romantic evening in a cosy tavern over looking the bays from the small villages, or just a relaxing break away by the pool whilst soaking up the sunny weather. Bodrum and the surrounding areas offer it all.

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