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"Gulluk market day"

Things to do in Bodrum region

Gulluk Fishing Village:

Located in Mandalya Bay on the Aegean Sea, the Turquoise Coast, Gulluk is a peaceful, quiet fishing village with a number of restaurants and cafes serving locally caught fish, primarily sea bass and bream.
Fuegos is a highly recommended restaurant, with an ideal location right by the sea at Gulluk, a perfect place to soak up the afternoon rays and enjoy a cold sundowner and evening meal.

Gulluk has several supermarkets and local shops selling fresh local produce for those wishing to indulge and enjoy home cooked meals in the privacy of their own penthouse.

The free Horizon Sky private water taxi is based in the harbour and provides regular trips across the bay to the resort for all visitors.

The Castle of St Peter

After the castle in Izmir was destroyed in 1402, the Ottoman Empire granted the Knights of Hospitaller an opportunity to build another elsewhere. Construction started shortly after under the guidance of German knight-architect Heinrecht Schlegelholt. The construction workers used squared green volcanic stone as well as marble columns and fallen remains from the Mausoleum of Maussolos to fortify the castle.

Taking almost a century to complete, the castle remains one of the most intact relics of the era despite been used for various purposes throughout history, including military bases by both Turkish troops (1824) and an Italian garrison (1921), as well as a prison and a mosque in the 19th century.

Most recently, it has been reconstructed to its original shape in 1997 and is still the centre piece and most recognised historical feature as one looks out towards the Mediterranean from Bodrum. Today, it is also home to the Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

The Underwater Archaeology Museum

In 1964 the Underwater Archaeology Museum was established in the Bodrum Castle.  There were a number of successful archaeological digs, both on land and sea by Turkish and foreign scholars, and it is their findings which have propelled the Castle into one of the most important Underwater Archaeology museums in the world.  There are 14 exhibitions halls  with specimens dating back to the 14 century BC in the Glass Exhibition room to specimens found in the excavations of Uluburun shipwreck between 1984-1995. The old Spanish Chapel now houses the famous Yassiada Wreck which was excavated between 1967-1969.

Both the Castle of St Peter and the Underwater Archaeology are a “must” visit whilst in the Bodrum area- it fascinates and offers an insight and understanding of historical turmoil, rise and fall throughout the ages easily seen by the number of historical artefacts on display.

The Myndos Gate

This entrance gate to Halikarnassus is thought to have been constructed in 360 BC. When Alexander the Great came to claim the city, he was unable to pass the deep, broad trench in front of the gate. When the gate was restored a couple of years ago, archaeologists found the remainders of the trench. Next to the gate there is a Turkish cemetery and some vaulted tombs from Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Golf near Bodrum

Vita Park Golf Resort which is about 20 minutes drive from Gulluk, in the village of Bogazici. The golf resort offers second to none facilities and is located close to Tuzla wetland area, a renowned bird sanctuary and paradise where some 260 species of migrant birds have made their home.